$5 Donation with $5 Match from B&B for Ukrainian Refugee Housing in Germany

Designed to keep formula fresher for longer, while helping you to more accurately prepare bottles.
FormulaBox Airtight Infant Baby Milk Formula Storage Container

The Bottles & Burps warehouse in Germany, which ships EU Bundles, like this bundle you selected, is closed for New Year's and will reopen on January 4, 2021. If you proceed with this EU Bundle order now, it will be packed and shipped on January 4, 2021.

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If you contribute $5, we will match it 1 for 1. This means that your $5 will actually drive $10 of value for the B&B Ukrainian refugee housing project in Germany. 

We launched this program on March 9, 2022 so please bear with us in finishing our project website in the coming days.  We plan to pursue what we call "radical transparency" by showing, in real-time, every single donation along with the first name and state of each donor.  Please note that due to bureaucratic time constraints and effort in setting up a new 501c3 entity, your donation will not be eligible for US tax deduction--neither will our match.  We are doing this because we want to help Ukrainian refugees that have been displaced in the war.

There is absolutely zero compensation to our company or to any other administrators or overhead.  All individuals involved in housing procurement, set-up, etc. are either volunteering or they are being paid separately from outside sources.  Your dollars and our match are exclusively for (a) rent and utilities for refugee apartments in Germany and any related direct costs, (b) furnishing these apartments with IKEA furniture and basic household goods for cooking, eating, etc, (c) overland travel expenses for refugee families from Eastern Poland to Rostock, Germany, (d) food and clothing for refugee families as needed and to the extent that other organizations do not cover these expenses.  

Lastly, any excess proceeds from this project, will be donated to UNICEF and nothing will be retained by Bottles and Burps, Bio Handel GmbH, or any affiliated individuals.  

Customer Reviews

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Timothy B.

$5 Donation with $5 Match from B&B for Ukrainian Refugee Housing in Germany

Great container

Great product. It keep the formula dry and contained with the convenient measuring spoon holder. Would recommend it

Charlyn T.

I feel great, knowing I am able to help others.

Mrs. I.f.t.U.
Still working wonderfull

This is our 3rd time buying the 4 pack and we couldn't be happier. Our toddler has no more bowel/gut issues(which is why we changed to this brand) and is quite happy with the milk. Hooray for the internet making the world smaller and international shipping making it more accessible. Kindermilch has taken all the stress out of using formula for those of us in the US who do not want to stressed by the formula shortage, the recalls for contaminated products or the heavy metal issues taking over the news. This is exactly what we needed when we needed it.

Stanley S.

$5 Donation with $15 Match from B&B for Ukrainian Refugee Housing in Germany