FormulaBox Airtight Infant Baby Milk Formula Storage Container

Proper storage of your organic, German baby formula powder can be challenging after opening a new box.  That's why we created the Bottles & Burps Airtight Baby Milk Formula Storage Container.

Feature  Benefit
Patented Airtight Seal Better preserves your formula powder after opening a new box
Spoon Leveler Ensures that you always use the right amount of formula powder in your little one's bottles
Spoon Holder on Underside of Lid Ensures that you never lose the spoon that came with your current box of formula (remember, the spoon sizes vary based on stage and sometimes even formula lot).  Additionally, our spoon holder helps to ensure that your spoon is always stored in a safe and clean place and not exposed to potentially dirty countertops
Lid Hanger Always hanging the lid on the side of the container ensures that you are not contaminating it by resting it on potentially dirty countertops
Push Button Lid
Allows for one-handed operation, while your hungry baby observes from your other arm
Only BPA Free and Food Grade Materials 100% BPA free and food grade materials help to ensure that your little one stays safe and healthy
Easy Disassembly of Lid Simplifies cleaning
See-Through Container Our formula container is clear, so that you're always aware when you're running low on formula.  Concerns about UV degradation are unfounded unless you're leaving the FormulaBox in direct sunlight for weeks at a time.  Let's be honest...when was the last time it took your little one more than 5 or 6 days to crush a box of HiPP or Holle


Customer Reviews

Based on 66 reviews

Great container with lots of practical and well thought out features! Of course I also love that it's BPA free and made from food grade materials.

we love this container

I recommend this air tight container!!! fast shipping too!

Love this magic box

Solid and easy to use. Makes the formula experience more clean and neat!

Love this storage container!

This storage container is excellent! It’s super easy to open with the pop-up button on the lid. The leveler ensures the right amount of formula in each scoop. It holds almost two bags of Holle and it’s airtight when the lid is closed! This has made storing and scooping formula so much easier. We definitely recommend it to other families. This FormulaBox is way better than the formula storage box we bought when we used Holle with our first kid. We’re so glad that Bottles & Burps sells it. So worth the cost...definitely get the FormulaBox to make your life with using formula easier!

Easy one handed bottle making!

The pop button makes this container very easy to open and close. The convenient scoop holder keeps the scoop out of the formula, keeping things as sanitary as possible. I also love how the holder and leveler come off for super easy cleaning!