Bulk Pricing & Discounts

All of our formula products have quantity discounts in place; just go to the product details page to see the pricing table.  Bulk pricing discounts typically start at 2 boxes of formula for a 5% discount and typically increase to 12% for 8 boxes. 

Our "EU Bundles" are bundles of 12-24 boxes of formula shipped directly to your doorstep from our German warehouse using our free and lighting fast 3-5 day express courier service.  The quantity discount is already baked into the bundle price.

At Bottles & Burps, the more you buy, the more you save.

It's simple.  When you view the product detail page, you will see a pricing table showing the % discount for different quantities purchased.  After adding multiple units to your cart, you will see the aggregate savings in the checkout process in the form a separate discount line.  

When buying EU bundles shipped from our German warehouse, the quantity pricing discount is already baked into the bundle price. 

Shipping and Returns

Our standard, free shipping option is FREE of charge  for orders over $15 and takes between 1 and 3 days to any address in the US.  

If you're located in Northeast and mid-Atlantic region, you will get your package in 1 or 2 days, depending on your location.  Most locations in the Southeast would be 2 days.  The West Coast is typically 1-2 days assuming your products are in stock at our LA warehouse.

Our standard free shipping service for the East and West Coasts utilizes Fedex Ground.  It  HIGHLY unusual for the delivery date to vary much beyond 1 or 2 days.  USPS Priority service is not "guaranteed" and can occasionally take an extra day.  USPS Priority service is typically used for portions of the United States that are quite far from our LA and NJ warehouses, such as Texas, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Minnesota, etc.

If you need to order less than $15, we may charge a small fee of $8.99 to help offset the cost of shipping.

To track your package, simply visit our tracking site: 


You can track you package with either the tracking number we emailed to you OR your order number + email address.

Our warehouses ship out orders same day, Monday through Friday, as long the order has been placed prior to 11am Eastern (for orders shipping out of NJ) and 11:30am Pacific for orders shipping out of our LA warehouse.  There is one important exception to these cutoffs: The cutoff for express services, like next day or 2nd day air, is 1:30pm Eastern at our NJ warehouse.


We offer a 100% FRESH Guarantee at Bottles & Burps.  It should never happen with us, but IF you receive expired or shortly expiring product, we will immediately replace it for you, free of charge.  Just contact us on our toll-free number (84-GREENTOT), site chat (see blue pop-out on any page of our site) or e-mail at hello@bottlesandburps.com.  Please have the lot # on the bottom of your box ready for verification.

In order to protect the integrity and safety of our formula inventory, we do not accept returns.  If your baby doesn’t like the product initially, then please remember that your little one may need to get used to a new formula. We take safety extremely seriously and once the food has left our hands we cannot accept it back. As parents we know how critical it is that you receive safe product of excellent provenance.

If, however, the inner foil containing your formula powder arrives damaged or compromised, please contact us at hello@bottlesandburps.com for resolution.

If it’s formula that was damaged, then you will need to check that the internal aluminum pouch is not damaged.  The cardboard boxes are made of organic cardboard that’s fragile and unfortunately the shipping process does occasionally dent the boxes.

US-shipped items / quantities are shipped from one of our FDA-registered,* temperature-controlled warehouses on either the East Coast or West Coast (depending on which warehouse is closest to you).  

Our EU Bundles, in contrast, are shipped from our warehouse in Germany using an express courier service that typically takes 2-4 days (although we state on our website 3-5 days).  

*FDA registration is required for any warehousing facility that stores or handles items intended for human consumption.

Placing an Order

Orders are processed and shipped out the same day, Monday through Friday, as long the order has been submitted prior to 11am Eastern.  If your order ships from our LA warehouse because you're on the West Coast, the cutoff is actually 11am Pacific.  Orders submitted over the weekend, will be processed and shipped on Monday (barring any major holidays).

Our sister-company in Germany carries about 10x the number of products that we carry in the US.  If you don't see something on bottlesandburps.com, there's still a very good chance we carry it in Germany and can import it into the US.  

Just shoot us an email at hello@bottlesandburps.com to discuss further.

Formula Questions

Holle Cow milk formula is Demeter certified, which means that all of the milk and many other major ingredients are produced on biodynamic farms.  While HiPP is also certified organic by EU law, the milk is not derived from biodynamic dairy farms.  In contrast to Holle, HiPP has added proprietary strains of prebiotics and probiotics (and has denoted them on the box as Combiotik) and also offers specialty lines, such as HiPP’s hypoallergenic formula line. 

Stage PRE can be used from birth onward and PRE is NOT a reference to premature babies. You will see on the box that the PRE says “Gut zum Zufüttern” which means “good for supplementing (breastfeeding).”

Stage 1 is recommended from birth onward

Stage 2 is recommended from 6 months onward

Stage 3 is recommended from 10 months onward

Stage 4 (made by Holle)  is recommended as a toddler milk for 12 months and beyond.  HiPP calls their "Stage 4" product Kindermilch 1+. 

Each 400g box of Holle yields approximately 90oz of formula. Each 600g box of Holle or HiPP yields approximately 140oz of formula.  Each 500g box of HiPP hypoallergenic yields approximately 116oz. 

No.  Our formula and food products are never subjected to irradiation.  There are several common misconceptions surrounding "irradiation."  Irradiation is not the result of x-rays and other customs and import related measures; hence, irradiation is not a function of the import method (container ship, airfreight, etc.).  Instead, irradiation is a method of utilizing radiation to kill food-borne bacteria and sterilize food.  HiPP and Holle formulas and products are NEVER subjected to irradiation.

We highly recommend this article on medium.com for more about irradiation in the context of European baby formula.

HiPP formula contains added prebiotics and probiotics.

You can usually expect to see expiration dates that are 6 to 10 months into the future, but due to production timing at HiPP and Holle, there may be periods of the year when you will encounter slightly shorter or slightly longer remaining shelf lives with us.  

Please keep in mind that in Europe the day and month are reversed relative to the US numeric date format.  For example, October 10, 2020 would be stamped on the bottom of your formula box as 05/10/2020.  The European date format is always Day / Month / Year, and does not follow the American convention of putting the month first.

HiPP Dutch 1 900g is same powder as the 600g boxes of German HiPP PRE and HiPP Dutch 2 900g is the same powder as German HiPP 2 No Starch.  To keep our prices as competitive as possible, we only carry the German version of HiPP for logistics and supply chain reasons.

Preparation and Storage

If you click on a product on our site you will find the instructions under the INSTRUCTIONS tab to the right of the About, Benefits and Nutrition tabs.  

Additionally, in the ABOUT section of each product page you will see a link toward the bottom called Print English Instructions, such as this example for HiPP PRE.

Alternatively, if you view our Ultimate Organic Formula Comparison: HiPP vs Holle Formula you will see links to every HiPP or Holle formula we carry in the US for fast & free shipping to our customers.

Once you have opened the foil bag it lasts up to two weeks.  We highly recommend using our formula container, though. 

Please see each product’s description page to know how many ounces one box yields to calculate how many days it will take you to go through a box. 

48 hours or less…refrigerate after opening.

We advise using prepared formula within one to two hours, unless immediately refrigerated for later use within 24 hours. For our baby we make the formula just before each feeding.

European (and US) manufacturers of powdered formula DO recommend boiling the water.  The recommendation to boil the water is to eliminate the unlikely possibility of any bacteria in the powder.  Please remember to cool the water to about 120 degrees Fahrenheit, which is the optimal mixing temperature.  After mixing at this temperature it is extremely important to then further cool to body temperature (98-99 degrees F) before serving.

We recommend utilizing an airtight container, such as our FormulaBox product for sale on our site.