Holle Goat Milk Stage 1 Organic Formula + DHA (400g)

Designed to keep formula fresher for longer, while helping you to more accurately prepare bottles.
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  • AGE: 0-6 Months

    YIELD: Approximately 100oz of Formula

    This is the updated 2023 formulation that is based on 100% A2 goat milk protein and vegan-sourced DHA.  Please also note that the mixing proportions have now reverted to the historical norm of 1 oz to 1 scoop.  Holle Goat Stage 1 is suitable for feeding from birth onward (0-6 months) or if you are transitioning your little one from breastfeeding.  This formula can also be used for preparing porridge, such as Holle rice or oat porridges, which we also sell.

    Holle's new goat formula is based on organic whole goat milk with 100% A2 goat milk protein (as opposed to A1 / A2 blend that was previously used). This new 2021 formulation, like the previous formulation, has DHA (from a vegan source) and does NOT contain palm oil.  Other ingredients include essential vitamins and minerals to promote your baby’s development and meet EU regulatory requirements.

    Certified organic by EU standards

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  • Only Demeter Certified Biodynamic Dairy Farms
    Vitamins A, C, D and E for baby's immune system
    EU Certified Organic
    DHA Derived From Vegan Source
    No Palm Oil
    No gluten
    No GMOs
  • Organic whole A2 goat milk*, organic lactose, organic whole A2 goat milk powder*, organic vegetable oils (sunflower oil, rapeseed oil), calcium carbonate, choline bitartrate, oil from the microalgae Schizochytrium sp. as DHA source, Oil from Mortierella Alpina as ARA source, sodium citrate, potassium citrate, L-tyrosine, calcium salts of orthophosphoric acid, vitamin C, L-tryptophan, L-cystine, iron sulfate, zinc sulfate, magnesium carbonate, pantothenic acid, niacin, copper sulfate, vitamin E, vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B6, manganese sulfate, folic acid, sodium selenate, vitamin K1, potassium iodate, biotin, vitamin D, vitamin B12.

    *100 g infant formula powder are made from 317ml full-cream goat milk

    Holle Preparation

    Preparation for all powdered formulas (also consistent with US FDA guidelines):

    1. Boil water freshly for each of baby’s meals and allow to cool down to 120 degrees Fahrenheit (50 °C)
    2. Pour in ½ of the necessary amount of boiled water into a clean and sterilized bottle
    3. Using the scoop provided with your box of formula (note that spoon sizes vary by brand and even lot), add the correct number of leveled scoops of powder
    4. Close the bottle with the nipple and cap and vigorously shake
    5. Add the remaining half of the water to the bottle and shake again
    6. Cool to drinking temperature (approximately 98 degrees Fahrenheit or ~ 37 °C) and ALWAYS test the temperature of the milk before feeding to avoid scalding or burning your little one

    There are many mothers that regularly use distilled water without boiling it, apparently with no negative consequences. We cannot recommend this approach and there are actual reasons even global health organizations pre-boiling tap or distilled water instead. Watch this video for more insight into this topic.




    WATER (OZ)*


    First Week

    Consult Your Pediatrician

    2 to 4 Weeks




    Month 2




    Months 3-4




    After the 4th Month




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Customer Reviews

Based on 129 reviews
Timothy Z.

Very happy with the formula!

Heather C.
Great Product

I wasn't able to breastfeed my baby, unfortunately. So, I was happy to find a formula with clean ingredients. My son is doing so well on this formula and I love the fast shipping.

Maribeth L.
Didn't work for my baby

I have been going through the process of finding a formula that my baby's sensitive tummy can tolerate. I am having to supplement with some formula in addition to breastmilk. Unfortunately this one did not work for my baby.
I feel that it is a much better option than the cows milk, I liked the smell and flavor better than cows milk formula. But caused gas and more spitting up for my baby.
Still giving it 4 stars because I think it's a fantastic product and SO much cleaner than other formulas out there. Unfortunately my baby just doesn't tolerate it!

Amalia A.
Best formula

This formula has worked great for 3 of my kids and this website has been the best one we’ve used! Prices and shipping are unbeatable here!


My babies are breastfed and formula fed . I did have them on Similac sadly cause that’s what the hospital gave them cause I had my twins premature and milk supply is low. I have seen a big difference with this! They love it and it actually fills them up! No more gas and spit up as much.