HiPP is a family-owned Swiss/German company that has been involved in organic farming and baby food since the 1950s, but has roots going back well over 100 years.  Georg Hipp, then running the family's baby food business, had an early encounter with the Swiss pioneer of organic-biological agriculture, Dr. Hans Müller, which inspired Hipp to adopt "organic" production methods before the term organic came to mean organic. All ingredients for HiPP products have been produced organically from 1956 onwards.
Even the soil from HiPP's farms is carefully analyzed to detect harmful pollutants.  The company carries out tests on every single one of its products with processes designed to detect over 1,000 harmful substances at various stages in the supply chain and production process.  In fact, the Company's finished products go through more than 260 quality controls in a state-of-the-art laboratory before they are approved to carry the HiPP label.
HiPP works with a network of 8,000 dedicated organic farmers all over the world today, including its mostly German and Austrian-based network of organic dairy farmers.
The HiPP family believes in the philosophy that babies deserve food of the highest quality, free from chemically synthesized pesticides and additives - and to prove it, they guarantee their products personally via the seal found on every HiPP product.  

Babies and toddlers are highly sensitive, so organic food and formula is the ideal choice for their diet. Sadly, today, statutory organic quality marks alone offer no guarantee that raw materials are genuinely free from pollutants.  For this reason, HiPP subjects its products to extremely rigorous testing, applying standards that extend beyond the already stringent EU legal norms for organic foods.